Michal's Art Therapy

My Art Journal for Healing & Meditation

Hi, I'm Michal

she/her (mee-khal)

“My paintings are not about what is seen. They are about what is known forever in the mind.” -- Agnes Martin

Clinical Interests & Research

・Abusive Relationships
・Art Therapy Research
・Anti-Hate, Racism, Stereotypes, Social Bias
・Anticipatory Grief

・Body Positivity

・Clinical Counseling
・Complex PTSD  

・Domestic Violence  

・Emotional Intelligence  

・Feeding the Hungry  

・Gender, Diversity, and Inclusion

・Homeless Veterans
・Hospice Care  

・Memory Care
・Mental Health Technology
・Military Sexual Assault  

・OCD - Hoarding  

・Partners of Autism - Ongoing Traumatic Relationship Syndrome  


・Self-Harming Behaviors
・Sexual & Reproductive Health
・Social Work




・Climate Change
・City of Pacific Grove - Monarch Sanctuary


・Northeastern University - Psychology
・De Anza College - Computer Science
・University at Buffalo - Psychology
・Florida Atlantic University- Fine Arts - Graphic Design
・Palm Beach State College - Fine Arts

Jewish Studies

・Congregation Am Echad
・Living and working with Israelis (All denominations)
・Saranac Synagogue/Congregation Achei Tmimim
・Young Israel of Buffalo, NY


・English (Native)

Computer Languages



・Patient Transport
・Memory Care
・Occupational Therapy Assistant
・Physical Therapy Assistant
・Recreational Therapy Assistant
・Art Therapy

Mental Health

・Crisis Counseling ・Women's Support ・Domestic Violence, Rape, Sexual Assault


・Windows Server Administration
・Linux (Kali, Ubuntu)
・Ethical Hacking
・Customer Service  


・United States Army
・Buffalo Adult Public Education Nursing Assistant
・YWCA - Crisis Counselor Volunteer


・U.S. Army - Information Systems Analyst
・Forever 21 Inc.
・All That's Natural, LLC
・G & S Photography Studios
・Milano Salon
・Estée Lauder
・Emerald Seas Beach Club
・Embassy Suites
・E & O Creations, LLC
・Fry's Electronics
・Hope House Women's Domestic Violence Shelter
・Veterans Housing


・Buffalo VA Medical Center


・1st Place Student Art Auction
・Soldier of the Quarter
・Xfinity Customer Service Award
・Buffalo VA Medical Center - Employee of the Month
・Womack Army Medical Center

Clubs & Organizations

・Art & Creative Therapy
・Art Blanche
・Bipartisan Disagreement
・Hillel - Northeastern
・Student Veterans Organization  

・American Art Therapy Association
・American Psychological Association


・Classical & Electronic Music
・Physical Fitness
・Torah & Spirituality


・Bipartisanship - working through disagreements

Feelings Chart | CPT Therapy

  feelings chart

Feelings Chart

Art Therapy

The great thing about art therapy is you don't have to be good at art. As a fine arts and psychology student, I wanted a different path as an artist. I chose a path where I wasn't at the mercy of clients who would tell me what to create or critique my work. I finally felt at peace with the oldest form of art: To heal myself and others.

Art Journal

Heartfelt Testimonials

" If I was stuck on a deserted island with you, I'd never be bored." - Donovan Bosque, Psychological Operations, U.S. Army
" I'd rather take your 30% than someone else's 100." - Dr. Maxine Schackman, Psychologist
" The Mozart of Compassion!" - Brett Molé, Film Director
" Creative." - Dr. Jonathan Beer, MSW, LCSW, DSW

American Art Therapy Association
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